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Orchestra Policy

Cowichan Camerata String Orchestra 

Information & Policy Statement 

(updated September 2017)

This orchestra began in autumn 2006 as an opportunity for string players of varying abilities to gather and produce beautiful music for the community.  No audition is required but a commitment to practice and attend rehearsals consistently is expected.


Orchestra dues are $65/adult & $50/student per semester.  The first semester fees (and any outstanding dues from the 2016-17 season) must be paid to the treasurer by September 30, 2017 in order for musicians to continue to be part of the orchestra.  Likewise, the second semester fees must be paid by January 31, 2018.   Dues provide necessary funds with which to pay our conductor Garth Williams and to cover other orchestra costs such as the purchasing of new music and putting on concerts.


We aim to hold a Christmas concert in December and a Spring concert in April/May.  In addition we sometimes perform at community venues such as the Farmer’s Market and have occasional open rehearsals at care facilities.  Regular rehearsals are held on Saturdays, 9:30—11:30 a.m.  at a venue in the Duncan area to be announced.   A commitment to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of rehearsals (30 minutes before concert performances) is required in order to set up chairs, music stands, have instruments ready, etc. 


The price of our concert tickets is currently $15/adult, $5/child and $30/family.  Because our orchestra fees do not sufficiently cover all expenses, we depend on members to sell concert tickets and to participate in any chosen fund raisers to augment our income.


Each section of the orchestra has a head and this person is to be notified of rehearsal or performance absences.  Conductor Garth Williams reserves the right to inform a member that he/she has not attended enough rehearsals to be able to perform at a concert.  Some sections hold mid-week rehearsals which are highly recommended but not required.


Ongoing operations of the orchestra are handled by an elected or appointed five member Steering Committee.  Our website will have a current list of steering committee members with contact information so you can direct questions or comments accordingly.  We trust that playing in this orchestra will be fun and rewarding for all members.  We are glad to welcome new members who want  to learn to make wonderful music together.  Please sign below indicating that you agree to abide by the orchestra policies outlined above and then return the signed document to the Steering Committee Chairperson.



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