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Orchestra Policy

Cowichan Camerata String Orchestra (CCSO) Information & Policy Statement  (Updated September 18, 2020)

This orchestra began in autumn 2006 as an opportunity for string players of varying abilities to gather and produce

beautiful music for the community. Commitment to practice and attend rehearsals consistently is expected to achieve

best possible performances at end of term concerts. In the current pandemic it is essential for all members to follow

orders given by the Provincial Health Officer and adhere to our CCSO COVID-19 Safety Plan for the HUB (see attached

document). If rehearsals need to be missed due to illness or any other reason, then reviewing the rehearsal audio

recording to catch up on the director’s instructions would be important. For interested potential new members we

request that they have a meeting with the musical director accompanied by a board member for evaluation purposes to

determine readiness to play with the orchestra and whether lessons may be recommended before joining.

Orchestra dues for the 2020-21 season have been set at $100/adult and $80/youth (< 19 years of age) per

semester. The first semester fees (and any outstanding dues from the previous season) must be paid to the treasurer by

September 30th for musicians to continue to be part of the orchestra. Likewise, the second semester fees must be paid

by January 31st. Dues provide necessary funds with which to pay our conductor and to cover operating costs including

insurance, rehearsal venue rental, purchasing of new music and putting on concerts.

We aim to hold end of term concerts in December and April. When no longer under pandemic restrictions on gatherings

we aim to again schedule some open rehearsals at care facilities and occasionally perform at other community

events. Regular rehearsals are held on Saturdays, 9:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m. at a venue in the Duncan area to be

announced. A commitment to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of rehearsals (30 minutes before concert

performances) is required to set up chairs, music stands, have instruments ready, etc.

The prices for our concert tickets have recently been $15/adults, $5/youth (ages 13-18), 12 & under free, but these may

need adjustments due to COVID-19. Because our orchestra fees do not sufficiently cover all expenses, we depend on

revenues from concert ticket sales, sponsorship donations, grants and other fundraising efforts.

Section principals are to be notified of rehearsal or performance absences. The conductor reserves the right to inform

certain members if they have not attended enough rehearsals and are not sufficiently prepared to perform with the

orchestra in concerts. Some sections may hold mid-week rehearsals which are highly recommended but not required.

Ongoing operations of the orchestra are handled by an elected or appointed board of directors. Please consider serving

on the board of directors for a two-year term. Our website and Facebook page Cowichan

Camerata String Orchestra are periodically updated with information including upcoming concerts. Those interested in

joining are welcome to contact us at . Please sign below indicating that you agree to abide

by the orchestra policies outlined above and that you are aware that rehearsals and concerts may be recorded (audio

and visual) for learning purposes and publicity. Please return the signed document to any board member.

____________________________________________ (print member name). Cell Phone #: _______________________.

________________________________________ (signature of member/guardian). Date: _______________________.

Email: _____________________________________________________. Home Phone #: ________________________.

Harwood Reimer,
Oct 21, 2020, 12:07 AM